Campaign of the year

Everyone loves something that's personal to him or her, even if it's just a drink. It makes you feel (well made me feel) that the brand is interested in building a relationship with you. "Data suggests the activity has had the desired effect, helping Coca-Cola outperform the market on several measures" - marketingweek. I believe this initiative lifted up sales as well as consumers' perception. The hashtag #shareacoke encouraged tech savvy users to promote their brand online, spammin' the hell out of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The free coke experiment was a blast too! Since the campaign was limited to 150 names - they set stalls up in each city giving out free coke, allowing consumers to print their very own unique name onto the bottle. This gave the brand great publicity - creating an immense amount of social media reach!

'You know it's Christmas when you see Coca Cola adverts' 

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