Harvey Nicols Christmas Campaign "sorry I spent it on myself"

Remember when i posted the John Lewis Bear and Hare Christmas advert? Well I think Harvey Nicols Christmas advert just tops the bottom off the list (sort of.) The storyline is to encourage customers to splash out on themselves instead of their loved ones. But are they ruining the spirit of Christmas? Or simply breaking the mould in Christmas advertising?

Christmas is one of the busiest holidays of the year, and getting your advert noticed in this crowded market is either spending vast amounts on production or taking a risk. As you can see from my earlier post of The Bear and The Hare advert, John Lewis took the soppy route whereas Harvey Nicols has gone the total opposite way - offering a selfishness alternative to good-doing.

Harvey Nicols hopes to spark a viral storm, and is encouraging people to film the reactions of their friends and family on opening the "sorry i spent it on myself!" range, using the hashtag #sorryispentitonmyself. Does this marketing campaign reflect on yourself? Come on, we have all done this before! But maybe not as selfish as buying myself an expensive gift.

Do you think Harvey Nicols is being a scrooge this Christmas?  BAH HUMBUG.

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