John Lewis; The Hare and The Bear

It's that time of the year again, where retailers compete against one another through Christmas adverts. And this is what John Lewis came up with - An animation commercial of, The Hare and The Bear. Their advert is sure to warm your heart this festive season.

Set in the beautiful woodlands, the advert tells a story of two faithful friends; the Bear and the Hare.We learn that the Bear has never experienced Christmas because he spends all Winter hibernating in a cave. Without Bear, Hare is sad and so Hare comes up with an idea of giving Bear a present - an alarm clock. This Christmas, Bear wakes up just in time to join the festive woodland fun with his friends, around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Click here if your interested in watching the creation of The Bear and The Hare 

This commercial really promotes spending time with loved ones at Christmas. Setting an example of the importance of friendship and thoughtfulness. If there's one thing we learn this Christmas, it would be to not be selfish and think of others before yourself. However, i do have one criticism: the song choice. It's a tad depressing so a more of a upbeat song would of done nicely. I can see this advert being a classic for years to come - innovation at its best!

Which is your favourite Christmas Advert?

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