Steak and Lobster

 Alto is a restaurant within Radisson Blu and the concept of their menu is to choose from - Steak or Lobster with unlimited fries and salad for £15. Great for the indecisive (like me). But then it is £2.50 for a pot of sauce. I ordered steak and my mother ordered Lobster. When the steak arrived the steak was not even hot enough to melt the butter on top. The salad which consisted of croutons, onions, mixed lettuce and parmesan was lifeless, and the fries, well, they were Mcdonald replicas. Onto the Lobster - very bland and tasted like it had been frozen previously. The only saving grace was how attentive and polite the staff were.

If Steak and Lobster is all they do, then it should be really good Steak and Lobster! I give this restaurant -

Overall rating: 

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