How to add Social Media buttons to your Blog

Noticed anything different on my blog? Well, look to the left, to the left, to the left, everything you own to the box in the left... YEAH (sings Irreplacable by Beyonce). I have added some Social Media buttons to my sidebar. And, oh my, the frustrations it caused me!

I was on a ZERO budget and i could of made my own icons, but why would i pay, when they are all plastered on the internet? I'm not a web designer, neither do i know anything about HTML and coding, but, after alot of googling and googling and googling this is what i discovered.

Click on the images to download the FREE icons.

Step to step guide:

1. Find your Social Media Icon and download them

2. Resize them, either on Paint or Photoshop

3. Click new post on your blog and insert your icons

4. Link your icons to your selected websites

5. Next to Compose, select HTML

6. Copy the HTML

7. Go to the layout section in your blog

8. Select add a gadget and choose HTML/Javascript and paste the HTML code in


10. View your blog and see the little wonders

Hope you lovely readers found this helpful. Just thought i'd share with you all since i'm sure we're all struggling some how! Make sure you follow me to keep yourself updated with my future posts!

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