Starbucks secret drink

Most people will probably not know about this (unless your die hard Starbucks fan), but did you know Starbucks have their own secret menu? I came across this little delight whilst scrolling through Tumblr, and i had to try it out! I thought only America did this but it's international! Sometimes, asking for a customised drink by name will seem unfamilair to baristas, but if you know the recipe - you can ask for them anywhere! Unless its seasonal ingredients.

Here is the Cotton Candy Frappucino i ordered - great for kids too as it has zero caffeine in it.

How to order
Vanilla Bean Frappucino with a pump of Raspberry syrup.
2 pumps for a Venti
1.5 pumps for Grande
1 pump for Tall

Let me know if you try this out!

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