Coca Cola; Believe in a better world


I previously blogged about what i thought was Marketing Campaign of the year 2013 '#shareacoke' and yet again Coca Cola launches another brilliant ad campaign - 'Believe in a better world' hashtag reasons to believe (#reasonstobelieve).

Coca Cola's Reason to Believe campaign shows shorts scenes of something negative happening in the world - such as, criminals running away from the law and riots, offset by something positive happening in the world, such as, same sex marriages and charity runs. According to Coca Cola, 'the scenes were depicted from a piece of qualitative research into the issues that matter to UK consumers.' - Marketing Week.

The hashtag #ReasonsToBelieve in particular will be encouraging its fans across the world to share their acts of goods across social media platforms. Brid Drohan-Stewart, Coca Cola Great Britain and Ireland Marketeing director stated that - "This campaign takes us back to the heartland of what our brand has always stood for - talking to people on an emotional level about topics that are relevant to them and spreading happiness and optimism. Coca Cola as a brand has never been afraid to speak its mind and has an authentic cultural depth across the world - everyone in some way has a nostalgic connection with the brand, evoking happy memories."

Some may think this advert is over the top or somewhat cringeworthy, however, to me, it was very heart warming to know that there will always be ups and downs in life and if clouds are blocking the sun, there will always be a silver lining. Apparently the advert aired in Ireland omits the same sex marriage scene to hetrosexual marriage scene. So, it makes me question - Are Coca Cola just like many other companies: a money making machine?

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