Kiss and Tell - Nando's reacts to Adnan Januzaj's date night

Adnan Januzaj (Manchester United Football player, aged 18) who is reported to be earning £30,000 a week, took a student, Melissa McKenzie (also know as a gold digger) on a date to Nando's. Forking out a whole £18 for the meal. Last but not least, he was wearing tracksuit bottoms. BIG MISTAKE. 

Wasting no time, Nando's quickly reacted to this story and offered to pay for the next date, with a £50 Nando's voucher! Nando's Official Twitter account posted a tweet - "Hey Adnan, the second date's on us. (P.S Maybe ditch the trackies") using the hashtag #AdNandos. This tweet attracted over 20,000 retweets, possibly reaching approximately about 650,000 people!

Melissa, gave Nandos great publicity, however her kiss and tell story to 'The Sun' (probably a paid feature) made her out to be a gold digger. I say - Good on you Adnan!

Have you ever had a cheap date? Were you greatful or disappointed?

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