Napwell: The World's First Napping Mask for Beauty Sleep

Sadly, napping is often frowned upon, infact napping has a lot of benefits. Let me introduce you to Napwell - the world's first napping mask.

Source: Napwell

Designed by engineers at MIT, Harvard Medical School. Napwell is a sleeping mask that allows you to set your ideal napping duration, it uses built in lighting to stimulate your brain, through mimicking sunrise, waking you up at your desired time, feeling refreshed. Innovation at its best right? Great piece of technology if you ask me.

Source: Napwell

I have always believed in napping rather than relying on caffeine. Caffeine can wear off (especially if you're used to it) whereas the benefits of a nap can recharge your body battery for a longer period of time. However, most people do prefer downing caffeine, as its alot more easier and probably more socially acceptable. However, i say, forget the caffeine and start napping!

Types of napping:

Planned nap: this involves taking a nap before you sleep. For example, you know you will be up later than your normal routine, so you use this as a mechanism of getting tired earlier.
Emergency nap: this type of napping is when you suddenly feel very tired or drowsy. For example, driving,
Habitual nap: this napping is practiced when a person takes a nap around the same time each day. For example, children may fall asleep about the same time each day in the afternoon or adults who have a quick nap when their childrens' napping.

Here's a cool infographic for you power nappers:

How long and what type of napper are you?

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