QUICK POST: Valentines Day

some cute marshmallows I made - YUM

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I should really schedule some shouldn't I? I have been really busy as i have a new job at a digital marketing agency.. eeeeks. Its still all new to me as i've not had much experience within the digital field. At the moment I'm doing some SEO stuff for our clients such as link outreach and so far im loving it Anyways, back to the subject of valentines day..

Well, this driven commerce day is somewhat over rated don't you think? There is no cultural significance for this day. We can celebrate love all year round, so why wait until 14th February? Some people moan about not having a valentine. Some people don't even have a mother or father on mother and fathers day. So why wait until that time of the year to show love? We should be spreading love all year round - single or not.

Do you think this day is over rated?