The Yuu Japanese Restaurant - Tsim Tsa Shui

It's very rare to find a decent authentic Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong; it's either very cheap and unauthentic, or extremely over priced and pretentious. During my last few days of vacation my dear cousin George took me out to Tsim Tsa Shui for some Japanese cuisine - The Yuu Japanese Restaurant. It is located in an alleyway, in Knutsford Terrace - a strip of busy bars and restaurants, and within a few kilometres away is the Victoria Harbour, which is perfect for a stroll after a meal.

To get to the restaurant we had to catch a lift up to the 4th floor and when the lift finally came, there was an awkward moment to be had. Let me tell you something, chinese people are very body conscious and they consider a size 12 to be obese. I for one, am a UK size 10 / 12 and i often get referred to has "fat girl" by strangers, which is deemed absolutely normal in the chinese culture, anyways maybe i should do a blog post on the chinese culture?

So we got into the lift (8 people max) and i was the 7th and last person to enter *BEEEEEP* screeched the lift. Instantly, i knew it was me, the lift was overweight and so i stepped out (seeing as i was the last person to step in). There was complete silence, a few awkward glances and probably a few sniggers -"i'll see you up there!" i said embarrassingly. Whilst waiting for another lift (thank god it was an empty one) i said to myself,, am i really that fat? Am i really the weight of 2 people? To make me even more paranoid, it happened on the way down after the meal.

The Yuu Japanese Restaurant is famous for its Tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette) and so we ordered 2 plates. Unfortunately, there is no evidence we had the Tamagoyaki as we were too busy eating it. In my opinion, there was nothing special about it as it was very bland, however, i give the silky soft texture a bonus. We ordered a few dishes of Bibimbap, which is stone pot rice with beef or pork with assorted vegetables, urchin fried rice, a platter of Sashimi and BBQ skewers; ox tongue, chicken gizzard and salmon.

The food was divine and the place was very atmospheric and extremely mellow with wooden decor. I would recommend this place for a catch up with friends or a date and i give The Yuu Japanese Restaurant a solid 8/10. However on the drawback the restaurant was slightly on the dim side, so dark, i wandered into the mens toilets.

Have you encountered in any awkward moments recently?