BBQ Handmade Noodle King, Manchester, Chinatown

It was my sister in law Lilys' payday on Friday and she wanted to treat me for a meal and I contently said YES. We wanted to go for a buffet type restaurant (it was Friday afterall) and so we thought we'd give BBQ Handmade Noodle King restaurant a go. Famous for their handmade noodles we regret not choosing their signature dishes as 90% of the diners were slurping away. Instead we went for their BBQ and Hotpot.

Hotpot "da bin lo" is an East Asian speciality. A pot of simmering stock is placed in the middle of the table surrounded with uncooked ingredients and whilst the pot is simmering we would carefully place the ingredients into the pot, bringing it to boil again and consume. We had the ying yang hotpot; half chicken stock and half spicy stock with beef, lamb, fish balls, enoki mushrooms, seafood sticks and cuttlefish. Baring in mind we were allowed to refill once we conquered it all. However, there is a charge of £5 if everything isn't eaten.

From the BBQ there was a selection of delicacies to choose from, lamb, chicken, rabbit, frogs leg's, chicken hearts, lamb ovaries (we didn't order those, don't worry!) chicken wings, potatoes and aubergines. These were BBQ'ed inside and came out a delight. On the second round of BBQ, I asked if they would leave out the sprinkles of chilli powder and the waiter chuckled and said 'we can't the chef will forget.' The restaurant wasn't fully booked so I was left confused. The bill came to about £40 and the drinks were reasonably priced, which is always a bonus.

So, BBQ Handmade Noodle King. Would I go back again? I would definitely go back to try their famous noodles but their BBQ and hotpot? Meh.