Moose Coffee, Manchester

"Can't believe you've never been to Moose Coffee"
"You live in Manchester and you've never been to Moose Coffee?"

So, I had never been to Moose Coffee until today and it certainly lived up to its reputation. There was no surprise that there was a 20 minute wait because of their popularity but boy was it worth the wait. Whilst we were waiting we were sat outside with the menu with lots of choices to choose from. They have a variety of dishes sweet and savory which caters to all.

In the end, i decided to get the Double Dutch, which consisted of; two large homemade pancakes, chopped smoked sausage and streaky bacon, 2 eggs with butter and maple syrup. This was washed down with a latte, orange juice, daim milkshake and water. As you can see from the picture we overloaded on the drinks, probably because we were parched from the night before or maybe we just wanted to try everything on the drinks menu *rolls eyes*

I would recommend going just after 9am to avoid the rush - all in all it was marvelous. 

Have you visited Moose Coffee? Did it live up to its reputation?